Building Construction

Clinton J. Ford has extensive experience in identifying the causation of problems that can keep construction projects from being completed in accordance with the project timeline, client’s requirements, specifications, and plans.

Building construction is the process of incorporating an infrastructure, dwelling, and or a facility into real property. Building construction projects have common elements such as design, financial, and legal considerations.

Sometimes building construction projects have undesirable results due to any number of factors including:

  • lack of experience
  • poor oversight and planning (including some of the following)
  • poor finishes
  • deviations from plans and specifications
  • substitution of materials in kind and quality
  • delays that cause an extended schedule of completion
  • architectural and engineering errors and omissions
  • safety issues causing worker death or disability
  • improper assembly of materials
  • structural collapse
  • structural defects
  • code violations
  • cost overruns

The above errors and omissions in building construction can lead to undesirable secondary problems for the occupants such as:

  • Slip, trip and falls
  • Fungal, bacteria, and chemical exposure
  • Unhealthy Habitat
  • Poor work performance
  • Poor study concentration