Turning Today’s Environmental and Construction Problems Into Tomorrows Solutions!

Our Services

Construction Consulting

We provide expert and consulting services for a wide range of construction issues.

Environmental Consulting

We offer environmental consulting and support to clients such as homeowners, insurance companies, businesses, and attorneys.

Expert Witness

Clinton J. Ford M.S. provides expert witness support to property owners, insurance companies, and attorneys.

Why Choose Advanced Building Consultants?

Extensive Education

Advanced Degree in Construction Management
Other  undergraduate college degrees and certifications

Certified General Contractor

Florida Certified General Contractor Since 1981
Clinton J. Ford M.S…. currently holds eight (8) State Licenses


Certified Mold Assessor

Florida Certified Mold Assessor & Remediator
Certified by the Council of Engineering & Scientific Specialties Board

Expert Witness Experience

Over 25+ years of Expert Witness Work
Work Experience in other states such as Georgia, Alabama, Texas, and others.

35 Years Experience

Over 35 Years of Construction Experience
Over 25 Years if Environmental Experience

Client Support

We educate our clients so that they can make informed decisions!

Customers & Partners

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