Construction Consultant

Who We Serve

Advanced Building Consultants provides consulting support to clients and attorneys who need assistance during pre-trial and/or trial, pre or post termination of contractor, investigation of contractor or sub-contractors, licensure issues, permitting issues and or other. Advanced Building Consultants individually tailors each case for our clients to provide the greatest benefit and impact in either a defensive or offensive posture. We work closely with attorneys to provide project, personal, business or other information and documentation for each specific need of their complaint, counter complaint or motion.

Mr. Clinton J. Ford offers consultation and litigation support for attorneys and clients in the following areas:

  • Assistance in Building Construction Claims, Delays & Damage Cases
  • Attorney Pre-litigation Counseling
  • Damage – Estimating
  • Reports, Testing, & Photography for Trial Preparation
  • Forensic Building Construction Investigation & Analysis
  • Attorney Trial and Pre-trial Consulting Services
  • At Reasonable Fees

Why work with Mr. Ford

Mr. Clinton J. Ford MS, CGC, ACA, CIE, is a former Continuing Education Sponsor for the Florida Construction Licensing Board and has been a licensed Florida Certified General Contractor since 1981. Mr. Ford has many years of construction experience on projects ranging from $5,000 to $50,000,000 and has been providing consulting and expert witness work for both construction and environmental issues since 1994. Mr. Ford has obtained both field experience and education in the following four distinct but often related disciplines of Construction, Environmental, Real Estate and Insurance, and holds many titles and over thirty years of construction experience with twenty-five years as a State Certified General Contractor. Over the years Mr. Ford has combined his extensive construction knowledge with cause and origin of water intrusion and environmental issues offering an exceptional understanding of Building Science and its relationship to contamination from biological agents such as toxic mold, mycotoxins, bacteria and endotoxin’s

Construction Consultant Services

Construction Management

With over 35+ years of construction experience, we can provide assistance in scheduling, payment and performance bond reconciliation, and other project adjustments that you may require.

Building Codes

With a large inventory of building code knowledge, we can help you stay safe and follow the proper building codes.

Building Construction

We can assist you in the identification of construction defective conditions, causations of damage, and defective conditions that can potentially cause a slip, trip, and fall.


Providing expert consultation on defective roofing conditions and their points of origin.

Estimating Construction Cost

Estimating construction and damage costs of buildings.